How you can
get rid of gray hair
and hair loss!

Now you can regain your natural hair color while fighting hair loss with these two exceptional products.

In a split second!

Is a revitalizing shampoo that fortifies hair fiber from root to tip. Used in combination with the Lozione K – the regenerating water, helps to eliminate the gray and white hair and regain your natural hair color will be visible in no time.

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In a split second!

Is renewable water, an exceptional cosmetic treatment, which gradually restore natural hair color from gray or white while acting against hair loss. Easy to apply! Does not require rinsing and can be used independently of K Shampoo!

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Cosmetic treatment that restores you natural hair color.

Benefits. Treatment duration. How to use it

Extraordinary benefits
  • Easy to apply and does not require rinsing
  • Does not grease the hair
  • Does not color the hair and has no oily texture
  • The bottle weighs 150 ml
  • For faster results we recommend using Shampoo K in combination with Lozione K
  • The product is manufactured in Italy
  • Ingredients: Water, Alcohol Denat, glycerol, ammonium chloride, bismuth citrate, perfume, sulfur.

This promotional package can be used as intensive care for 2 weeks,
or as regular treatment for 1 month.

Treatment duration
  • K shampoo is applied in small doses at each wash and you can use it daily
  • K lotion is applied 2 times a day for the first 16 to 18 days
  • After obtaining the desired result, you must continue the treatment. For maintenance, use the lotion 3 times a week
  • During treatment is recommended washing the hair 2-3 times a week
  • Do not use gel, spray or foam during treatment
  • The results will be visible already after the first application phase; the second phase is the maintenance
  • For the completely white hair, the application period will be longer
  • Finally, you'll feel younger, more confident and more courageous
How to use it
  • Shake the bottle before use
  • The treatment should be applied on washed and dried hair
  • The application should be done gently, massaging on the capillaries surface, and then leaving the hair to dry naturally
How To Use

Lozione K si Shampoo K sunt produse in Italia in cadrul unei companii cu peste 20 de ani de experienta. Va asiguram ca procesul de fabricare se face in conditii si la standarde superioare. Pentru ca noi mizam intotdeauna pe calitatea produselor si siguranta clientului.

Testimonials and clients opinions
I didn’t expect to see my natural hair color again without the usual artificial dyeing. I feel excellent!
Dragos Pompei
Testimonials and clients opinions
I followed the treatment instructions and I got positive results. It is important to be persistent and positive and, one day, you will wake up literally with your hair as it really is.
Alex Muresan
Testimonials and clients opinions
I feel super happy that I don’t have to dye my hair anymore in order to enjoy my natural color, which I adore.
Mariana Predoiu

These revolutionary products, Lozione K and Shampoo K team up for you to feel

1. Younger, 2. More confident and 3. More courageous.

Your hair is already whitening or you suffer from hair loss? Your mind is overwhelmed with thoughts about the money you will invest in the hair and beauty salons?

No need for any of that because we have the perfect solution for you at an ideal price.

K Shampoo

Un tratament cosmetic ce ajuta la eliminarea culorii grizonate sau albe a parului.

150 ml
63 lei
K Lozione

Apa regeneratoare K ce reda treptat culoarea naturala a parului alb sau grizonat si lupta impotriva caderii parului.

150 ml
72 lei
Pachet K Shampoo + K Lozione

Un pachet revolutionar ce te ajuta sa iti recapeti culoarea naturala a parului in timp record si in plus, lupta impotriva caderii parului.

150 ml + 150 ml
130 Lei
Delivery and transport
We have two options here:

1. Personal lifting of products from our headquarters

2. Courier delivery directly where you want them